Patient Advocacy

As a plan member, Patient Advocacy is made available to you at no additional charge. Following a call with Member Services, if you qualify a patient advocate will be assigned to work with you. Your advocate will phone you to discuss your situation, will make recommendations and will work with providers on your behalf, to find solutions for the remaining balance on your medical bills.

We know dealing with medical bills is extremely difficult and time consuming. Let us do the work for you.

How we work for you

  • We mediate between patients and providers regarding patients’ bills
  • We educate patients on their options
  • We advocate on behalf of patients while respecting providers
  • We pursue Medicaid and charity care qualification
  • We negotiate discounted settlements and payment plans
  • We communicate consistently with patients and providers, keeping everyone informed about the status, next steps and results.

The Savings
  • Average savings of more than 30% per bill
  • Overall savings of more than 50% on total bill dollars*
  • We’re successful in reducing 3 out of 4 bills
  • Average case takes 40-60 days to complete
  • *For example, a member may have a $100 and $10,000 bill.  We may save 5% on the $100 bill and 55% on the $10,000 bill, resulting in an average savings of 30% per bill.  The total dollar savings though would be $5,505, so over 50%.



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