Employee Focused Virtual Primary Care

With our nationwide practice of dedicated providers and advanced technology, we deliver CARE centered around your employees.

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Virtual Primary Care addresses the biggest pain points of our healthcare system


Adults in the U.S. who have a primary care provider have 19% lower odds of premature death than those who only see specialists for their care


People who have a primary care provider save 33% on healthcare over their peers who only see specialists


60% of the patients’ problems could have been addressed in a primary care clinic for a savings of a whopping 320-720%
On-Demand Urgent Care

24/7 urgent care for common conditions including COVID-19, strep throat, flu, urinary tract and so much more.

Virtual Primary Care

Our user-friendly app allows employees to select a primary care provider to assist them in managing their ongoing care needs.

Behavioral Health

Unmanaged stress and anxiety can lead to fatigue and employee turnover. Employees have access to mental health providers, which are integrated into medical care.

Care Navigation

Care navigators are available for a call or chat to help members coordinate medical care, facilitate referrals and in-person care, and answer administrative health-related questions.

No-Cost Prescriptions

Members get access to a no-cost or low-cost prescriptions for up to 200 medications sent to their pharmacy or shipped directly to their home.

Lab Screenings

Routine and preventive labs through preferred partners nationwide, empowers your employees to being proactive with their health.

Better CARE for your employees, Better administrative tools for employers
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